games from mandarake!

Hi everyone!

Today’s post is going to be slightly different from my usual game reviews or playthroughs. In fact, I’m rather excited to share about this.

At the end of 2014, I travelled to Japan with my family and boyfriend. We went to Osaka and made a day trip to Kyoto. The entire trip went swell and was great fun. But, what I will be sharing from that trip is a few games I picked up. πŸ˜€

My boyfriend and I had heard about Mandarake when we went to Tokyo previously. Unfortunately, as we were on a trip with a society from uni, we did not have much time to check it out. We were really excited when a friend told us about the Mandarake in Shinsaibashi in Osaka.

For those who do not know of Mandarake, it is a massive chain store that sells action figures, game consoles, magazines, games, etc. Their goods are mostly (if not, all) pre-loved. It is tons of fun going through their stock since it changes and can include some rare finds. I wouldn’t really recommend taking children along though as adult material is stocked alongside idol goods and not separated or cordoned off like in some other shops. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of the actual Mandarake store but, I think there are images of it on Google if anyone is particularly curious.

Anyway, my boyfriend and I enjoyed going through the merchandise and seeing some cool action figures. From memory, one of the things that I liked was a Persona 4 figure of Yukiko’s persona. I thought that was pretty awesome. Besides that, I was hunting for Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side goods but the store didn’t seem to have any in stock. I asked the cashier as well and she wasn’t sure whether there was anything available. I eventually gave up and bought some games. ^___^;;

I bought Hana Yori Dango: Another Love Story and Atelier Marie for the Gameboy Color and Prince of Tennis Driving Smash! side Genius and side King (not photographed) for the Nintendo DS. For the two Gameboy Color games, I still have my old Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance SP in working condition. I found these while I was packing up during my move several months ago and thought it might be fun to play them again. However, if you are keen to purchase old games and do not have a workingΒ console, Mandarake also stocks secondhand consoles. Some of which were limited editions and really awesome-looking.

I found the games very reasonably priced since most, if not all, are pre-loved. The prices do vary game-to-game and based on the condition of that individual piece. Each game is graded from A to C on the condition of the game casette, box and the game manual with A being in the best condition and C in less ideal conditions. I have photographed a little tag that was on my games with information about the particular piece I bought. I had already tossed one and only have one to show. I have also added some translations and hope they help people who intend to make purchases from Mandarake in the future! πŸ™‚

Now, let’s talk about these games! Given that these games are older and mostly played on older consoles, I don’t think they will photograph too well for me to post actual screencaps from the game. Hopefully, you guys can make it out from the back of the boxes. πŸ™‚

The first game I was really excited to try out was Hana Yori Dango: Another Love Story. I opened and started that the first day I returned home and hence, it is photographed unwrapped. I have also included photos of the contents which include a game manual. The game manual includes basic instructions on gameplay like saving and controls. It has some other cute information about the characters and a little omake bit at the end but was not particularly detailed about the game. This game was the most expensive of the lot at ~Y1260 (or Y1280?). There were a few copies in stock and I chose the cheapest one since I wasn’t fussed about the condition.

I have not played through the game and have only seen the prologue. From the prologue, I believe that the Japanese in this game is not going to be overly difficult. I could understand most of it and make out the bits that I didn’t quite understand, though that might be because I have watched the drama and inferred from the images. πŸ™‚

For anyone who is reading my blog for the first time, I am a fan of the Atelier series. I managed to snag a few of the games on the PSVita while it was on sale on PSN and fell completely in love with the entire game. The graphics are completely gorgeous and the gameplay is addictive. I could not get enough of it. Anyway, I found this Atelier game that was not released outside of Japan for Y300. It seemed like a really good deal and so I decided to get it. I don’t think the games from this series is quite as straightforward to play when I don’t understand the language so I haven’t really played this game yet.

This game was tagged to have a C grade box and B grade game manual. However, I did not have any issues with the condition of either. The game manual is a little munted but not unbearably so. I don’t see anything wrong with the box at all but, perhaps I don’t really know what to look for. I think the general condition of games at Mandarake is pretty decent and so I wouldn’t be too critical of a game which is not in perfect condition. But, I can’t say for certain since I only got these two games. ^___^

The last game that I will talk about from my haul is the Prince of Tennis Driving Smash! side Genius game. I actually managed to buy both side Genius and side King but have since given away the side King copy to my sister since she is also a Prince of Tennis fan. I forgot to get a picture before I gave it to her and hence, it isn’t shown above. The casing also isn’t shown above as this game came without one. This meant that it was heavily discounted. I paid Y300 for each game, if I remember correctly and I thought it was a steal. Again, I wasn’t particularly fussed about the box since I have a case for my 3DS/DS games.

I bought this because I was interested to find out more about this Prince of Tennis game since I have played a couple previously. There used to be one ages ago on the Playstation 2 which involved actually playing tennis in-game. I also recently started playing the Prince of Tennis Girls! Be Gracious game and was curious what kind of game Driving Smash! would be.

After buying the game, I watched a trailer online that showed that it’s about managing the respective teams (Seigaku and Hyotei) and competing against rival schools. I have yet to play the game or figure out what the gameplay is like but, it does look really cute and I look forward to playing this sometime. πŸ™‚

That is the end of my small haul from Mandarake. I hope everyone liked this post as much as I enjoyed sharing all this with everyone!

Have fun and keep gaming!



game haul!

Hi everyone!

HAPPY 2015! I know this is really belated. In fact, this entry is really late and I’m sorry for that. But, for the new year, I hope that I can bring more to you about games!

Things got pretty hectic towards the end of 2014 between job-hunting and other things going on in my life. I neglected my games a bit and hence, I didn’t have much to type up for my blog. I also went for PRK to correct my eyesight. While PRK is a better option than LASIK since it does not cut your cornea, it does have a longer recovery period and I feel that I am still in the process of fully regaining my vision, mainly in my left eye.

Besides all that, I still managed to get some pretty good deals during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Cyber Week sales. It’s been a while since then but, I still haven’t been able to play through many/any of the games I bought, which makes me pretty sad. The sales went on right after my surgery and I’ve been pretty busy after I got better so I still haven’t been able to play as much as I want to. :/

Anyway, I’ll just share what I did buy and have touched during this time. πŸ™‚

I was itching to play Heroes: Might & Magic 3 for a while and ended up having a huge rant about it to a friend. My friend then recommended that I look for it on and I found it on there. I bought it on the spot, paid full price ($9.99). I feel like that was worth paying. This game is great. It’s a turn-based strategy game and I actually really love it. You play as a hero in various scenarios or a campaign mode (which I’ven ever tried) and the objective is obviously to win by either eliminating your enemies, retrieving an artefact, etc. It’s really challenging but really fun. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten a lot about the game like the statistics for your battle units and the strategies. So, I am horrible at the game now. But, hopefully, once I get back into it fully, I’ll get better. πŸ™‚

During the sale on, I picked up Caesar III. I used to play this when I was much younger as well and while I don’t remember too much about this game, I know it is a city-building game. I remember really liking the graphics and the idea of playing in ancient Rome but, as I have yet to replay the game, I, unfortunately, don’t have much else to add. Perhaps I’ll make about this again when I finally get into it.

A few months ago, I had this urge to play The Sims Medieval and while I was tempted to pick it up on Origin, I am glad my friends convinced me to wait. The original price for both the base game and expansion is $24.99 and I managed to get it both for half off (~AUD10). The moment I saw it, I thought it was a must buy. I played it birefly a few years ago but lost it sometime after between moving houses and countries and all that. I remember it being similar to the Sims but with quests or goals, if you could call them that. Each Sim had a respective title which would correspond to their quests. I have only play a bit of the first chapter which involves naming my country (Yenland) and creating my royal character. I hope to get more gametime for this soon. πŸ™‚

I also scored Theme Hospital during the sale on Origin. While it seemed like a brilliant deal at the time ($2.99), I am pretty sad that they are now giving it away for free. I feel like I paid too much! Though, I have to say, it probably is worth it given that this is one of the few games I managed to play during my recovery. I have fond memories about cheating in-game and the announcement going out over the PA system saying “Hospital Administrator is cheating. A cheat is running the hospital!”. However, I no longer cheat and have yet to hear that during my recent game plays. I find that the first few levels are a pretty good warm up and ease you into the game pretty well but the chasm between a couple of levels get pretty large. I am now stuck and have yet to continue playing becuase of the amount of frustration is induced. :/

I also picked up a few deals on Steam. The first one I bought during the Cyber Monday/Cyber Week sale and the next few, I bought during recent sales like the Anime Weekend sale.

I bought Tropico 4: Collector’s Edition, mainly because it was 90% off and it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up. I have yet to play this but I have been told that it is rather witty and entertaining. I have finally gotten around to installing this on my laptop so hopefully, I will feel up to it sometime soon.

I am also guilty of not playing my other purchases but hopefully, I will get in some play time before I start work in February. I picked up an otome game Pyrite Heart which I read some good things about. I picked up Sid Meier’s Civilization V based on recommendations from friends and family and Sid Meier’s Covert Action (Classic) out of mere curiostiy.

For the Sid Meier’s Covert Action, it is a very old school game. The kind that doesn’t really come with tutorials and requires you to read a manual to really figure out what is going on. Unfortunately, Steam does not sell it with the manual, unlike and I am still trying to figure it out. I have yet to find a copy of the manual online and am hoping that if someone I know eventually buys it on, they will be kind enough to share it with me.

Anyway, that is all the games I bought recently. I will share more about some console games I have picked up recently in the next entry soon, I hope! πŸ™‚

Until next time, enjoy!


pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire demo: playthrough #1

Hi guys!

It’s been a while since my last proper post. I promised a post about Another Case Solved previously but lost a few screencaps when my phone broke down. ;___; I have been pretty caught up with some other things and have not yet recapped these scenes. But, I will do that soon. It’s just going to take a while because I need to get through some puzzles to get to those bits. ;___;

Anyway, until then, I bring you a little insight from the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I was very lucky to have received a Special Demo code from Nintendo for the game. I received it a few days ago but only checked my email and downloaded it a couple nights ago. During my playthrough(s), I decided I would take random screencaps (with my camera. sorry for the quality! :/ ) and comment a bit about them. So, here it goes! πŸ™‚

Our adventure begins in Mossdeep City after being called in by the local professor. We arrive to find Team Magma members attempting a getaway only to be stopped be Orlando (our character) and Steven. I’m not quite sure how Steven is related to Orlando or this entire situation but he is ‘a quite stunning male specimen’, if that helps. I’m also not sure if playing Sapphire and Ruby would have helped me figure out his place but I, unfortuantely, did not have the chance to play it at the time.

Our first battle! Yay! We finally get our first pokemon. We have a choice between Groyvle, Combusken and Marshtomp. Personally, I find Marshtomp really adorable and so, he’s mine. πŸ™‚ I also think he looked really cool when he becomes Mega Swampert so that helps. πŸ˜€ Anyway, first battle is with a Team Magma Grunt. He sends out Poochyena.\


The graphics for battle are pretty much the same as Pokemon X and Y. However, the menu for the touchscreen does differ. I am slightly sad because I much preferred the in-battle menu for X and Y but I think this is more of a personal preference than anything.

After I take Poochyena down in one hit (I’m sorry, guy!), I meet this Professor. I don’t remember him having a name though it’s possible I just don’t remember or did not cap it. Anyway, he asks for a favour after Team Magma escapes. There is a Pokemon capable of Mega Evolution that ‘Team Something or Other’ is trying to get to. It is our job to protect it. Of course.

Before we proceed with this story, I’m just going to point out the different menu on the touchscreen, again. There is now a new feature called BuzzNav. It seems to just show random headlines and I’m not sure if it is actually relevant or important to the game. I’m not sure if this is meant only for the Special Demo version but I miss the screen from Pokemon X and Y. I found that a lot more useful than BuzzNav as it showed friends, options for GTS, etc.

Anyway, we fly to the island this Pokemon capable of Mega Evoluation inhibits. Team Magma and Team Aqua have already arrived and are looking for said Pokemon. Steven sends Orlando in first while he prepares outside. Orlando obliges, of course. Orlando enters the cave to find two Team Aqua members arguing with a girl. The exchange seems really stilted and kind of odd. I’m not sure if I’m the biggest fan of the writing but I guess it really isn’t an important part of the game. I also don’t like that they keep picking on kids. Considering the number of times the evil guys have had their plans ruined by children, you would think they would stop underestimating children. >____< Old habits die hard?

Anyway, the battles with them are over before I even knew it. Hence, the lack of screencaps. :/ But, I did manage to catch my Marshtomp’s evolution in action. That’s right, after this handful of battles, he is ready for his final evolution. Yay!

I come out of battle to find that this girl knows my name. Who is she? I have no clue but I guess we will find out in the full game. She claims to have come to the island to survey the Pokemon on the island, per her father’s request. Who is her father? I don’t know either. I guess we will find out in due time? This is starting to seem like the beginning of some crazy story arc in a drama series.

We continue further into the cave to find a Team Aqua member and a Team Magma member arguing. This argument is also slightly weird. The Admin of Team Magma feels insulted but tries to rebut that she is only slightly better than she is made out to be. Right, dude. Because it matters so much that you’re called a Makuhita instead of a Hariyama. Anyway, the Admin of Team Aqua, on the other hand, seems like a jovial fellow and isn’t too concerned by his Team Magma counterpart. Of course, they then notice me and decide to get rid of me.


At this point, Steven rushes in with my Mega Bracelet. Yay! He also gives my Swampert a Mega Stone to hold. Double Yay! Now, together with Steven, we are involved in Double Battle the weird Admins from the two teams. They obviously do not stand a chance against our Mega Evolved Pokemon. Buh-bye, suckers!

Β  Β 

Steven goes on ahead to locate the Pokemon we are looking for. It is hiding on tall grass, as would any Pokemon. After seeing my insane battle skills (let me toot my own horn, why don’t you.), Steven advises me to approach the Pokemon. He believes that I will be able to impress the Pokemon by showing him how well I control Swampert. Right. Well, who am I to argue?

I come face-to-face with Glalie. I was pretty concerned at this point that she might faint after one hit. I did not use Waterfall and instead used the Mud BombΒ and Rock Slide to lower her HP. When it was in the red, I threw a Pokeball and ta-dah! I have caught a Glalie. I’m not sure if you can cause Glalie to faint or if multiple Pokeballs may be required but, I would definitely like to hear from anyone who has had issues. ^___^

And, the adventure has now come to an end. It’s time to head back to Mossdeep City. We watch a tiny trailer, showcasing bits and pieces of the full game. It definitely looks cute and does excite me. The characters, graphics and some features seem fairly similar to those presented in Pokemon X and Y. Although, one thing that I found adorable was the bit where Pikachu was dressed in various costumes. It made me laugh pretty hard.


More adventures are waiting for you in the full game! Or, you could also just play the demo again. πŸ™‚ Which, I definitely did. But, I will save that for another entry. πŸ™‚

Steven also offers to help transfer bonuses from the demo to the full game. So far, I’ve only discovered Glalie. I’m not sure if it is possible to move more than just Glalie but I will keep everyone updated as I find out more about the game. πŸ™‚

Hope everyone enjoyed this post!


current gaming activities.

Hi guys!

I’m so sorry for the lack of entries. I’m a bit backed up. I wasn’tΒ able to edit many photos or screencaps since I recently got a new computer and hadn’t installed Photoshop on it. But, I have now and I hope to bring you more entries about my gaming escapades soon! πŸ™‚ I’ve been playing a whole bunch of games during this time on my phone, tablet, 3DS and PSVita.

Just to give you some idea of what I’ve been keeping up with, I recently bought a few games on my 3DS and love them. I just returned from Australia and managed to snag a couple of games while I was there, namely Nintendo Presents New Style Boutique and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. I also bought Tomodachi Life and Fire Emblem Awakening while they were on sale on the Nintendo eShop. I wasn’t a massive fan of digital downloads because I love having physical copies of games. But, the PSVita changed my mind after the numerous sales on the PSN. They are so worth it, I can’t help but buy a few games every now and then. Anyway, I hope to do more reviews on the 3DS games soon. πŸ™‚

On the 3DS, I got Persona 4 Golden a while back and also purchased Atelier Rorona Plus while it was on offer on PSN. I haven’t had a chance to play the latter yet because I’m a bit particular about playing the games in the Atelier Series in order of release to fully enjoy the improved features. However, I have put in a fair amount of time into Persona 4 Golden. I have yet to finish the game since I have been putting a lot more time into Fire Emblem Awakening. I might only write about my Persona 4 Golden experience after I’m done with it. :3

I do enjoy a few less intense games on my phone and tablet. I was pretty obsessed with Another Case Solved when I first started playing it but I have eased up on that game. Of late, I play Two Dots on my iPhone a bit and have just downloaded Hay Day for my tablet to give it a try. I have a bit written up about Another Case Solved and will try to post that soon. I just need to do some editing and hopefully, that will be up soon! πŸ™‚

Anyway, have fun and keep gaming! πŸ™‚


psvita + dragon’s crown + atelier totori!

Hi all!

It’s been months since my last update. Four and a half, I think. Sorry again about the irregular updating schedule. When uni started up again, it was a bit of a whirlwind. While the semester was a bit more relaxed since I was only doing electives, it was pretty stressful since I had assessments throughout the semester. But, I’m done with uni now, possibly for the rest of my life, depending on how things go.

Throughout the semester, I didn’t have as much time for this blog as I’d have liked. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to play any games. I just didn’t quite have the time to sit down and write out my thoughts. :/

I got a PSVita during this ‘hiatus’ and it has been a great console. My only small complaint is that it is quite a bit heavier than my other consoles and makes my wrists a bit tired because I play it for so long. But, I guess that is a good indicator of when I should take a break from playing games. ^__^;;

The PSVita is also great because it can take screen captures of games easily. All you need to do is hit the PS button and the Start button and the screen is saved to a folder called Screenshots in the gallery. I find this really useful for this blog, unlike the 3DS where I need a camera on hand to catch various scenes. Unfortunately, I was a bit absent-minded and forgot about this capability so I’m lacking in screen captures for Dragon’s Crown. :/ Sorry!

The first game I got on the PSVita (besides Little Big Planet) was Dragon’s Crown. I’d actually gotten this because as mentioned in a previous entry, I’d played a bit of it on the PlayStation 3 when my brother had purchased it. I did quite like it. Dragon’s Crown is an RPG where you can ally with up to three AIs or players to play. Unfortunately, the multiplayer function is only unlocked after you have invested a certain amount of time on the game and I’ve yet to do so.

Dragon’s Crown is a side-scrolling game where you explore areas in search of treasure or to complete a quest. The only games I know of that have similar styles would be a couple of MMORPGs – MapleStory and Rusty Hearts. I particularly enjoy this style of game because it is generally linear. While I do enjoy more complex games every now and then, it is refreshing to have a game that is not as intense.

Thanks to my brother, I had the opportunity to play the game on both the PSVita and the PlayStation 3. As such, I feel like I can share a bit more about the games and the differences in experience. Personally, I think Dragon’s Crown plays better on the PSVita than the PS3. This is mainly due to the touchscreen capabilities on the PSVita. This allows you to transition more seamlessly between fighting and unlocking treasure or doors. I also feel that because it’s a smaller screen, it seems like less is going on and hence, is less distracting. These are my personal opinions about the differences. Feel free to try both and see which you prefer. πŸ™‚

While Playstation Network was having a sale, I bought both Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru at a discount. I think it was almost half price, which was a pretty good deal to me. I’d previously posted about seeing the Atelier series and being keen to try it out. While I tried out Atelier Annie on the DS, I’d also read that it was pretty different from the usual games in the series. I was really eager to try these games out. So far, I’ve only gotten through Atelier Totori and I can tell you that I absolutely love these games.

The story follows Totooria Helmold who has recently learned to be an alchemist after saving her mentor, Rorona. She wants to become an adventurer alongside her childhood friend as she searches for her mother. It’s a pretty simple story and the cutscenes don’t feel quite as long as Atelier Annie. There is still a fair amount of freedom in the game as to what quests you wish to perform, where you want to go and what you want to do. Just remember that there is a main story plot for the game and the game doesn’t drag on endlessly. I’d definitely advise players to be mindful of the in-game time. I didn’t realise that the game would end so quickly and went about things as I pleased until it ended. I hadn’t achieved very much and was given the ‘bad ending’ trophy. D: It made me really sad but I haven’t given up! πŸ™‚ I’m currently in the midst of replaying the game and am a lot more wary about what I’m doing and trying to get on things a lot more quickly seeing as time is of the essence.

Another great thing about the Atelier games is the art. The art for Atelier Totori is absolutely gorgeous. All my friends look at the game and are tempted to try the game or buy a PSVita to play the game! It’s really beautiful! Below are some caps of some scenes during the game for an even better idea of how everything looks. I think one thing that startled me was how young her father looked. o_o

I highly recommend the Atelier games after playing Atelier Totori. I have yet to try Meruru but I’m sure I’ll love it too. I’ve also heard about an Atelier Rorona remake being released sometime in June so if you have the chance, please check it out and let me know how it goes. πŸ™‚

These are two of the games I’ve spent much time playing on my PSVita. I look forward to playing more on the PSVita. Although, news has broke that the latest Harvest Moon games(!), another Cooking Mama game and a remake of Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby are due on the 3DS. I’m so psyched for those games and cannot wait!

The only thing that upsets me is that I have an Australian 3DS and will not be in the country at those times. 😦

Oh, well. I hope everyone else can play these games and I can read loads about it until I get my hands on the copies. πŸ™‚

Have fun!


hakuoki: memories of the shinsengumi – post #1: impressions.

Hi all!

I know I’ve been pretty bad at maintaining a regular schedule with this blog. I tend to take some time to really form my opinions and get my thoughts together about a game. Unfortunately, this means I end up taking a bit longer before I sit down and write my entries. ^________^;;; Sorry about that. But, right now, I’ve a bit of a break and so, I’m trying to get some game time in before the semester starts up again.

My friend recently received a discount code for a video game shop online and offered it to me since he didn’t have anything in particular he was looking for. While I was overseas and looking at games, I found a few titles that I was interested in. One of them was a game from the Atelier series as I had mentioned previously and another was Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi. I had spotted a Limited Edition version which made it look very attractive. So, when I was looking at games, he suggested purchasing Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi because he said games like these had a tendancy to go out of print pretty quickly. Furthermore, the Limited Edition one was available.

I received it about a week or so later and packaging-wise, it is pretty. It was a bit disappointing that it had gotten crushed in the mail but I don’t think that could be helped. Anyway, the Limited Edition came with an official soundtrack. The contents and unboxing of my game are photographed below. I’m not sure if the soundtrack is a common bonus item but it was for mine since I got the European copy. I’m not sure if they American bonuses are any different.

I went online to read up about the Hakuoki series and found it was a pretty well-known otome game. And, I really like otome games. My favourite from that particular genre would probably be Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side. Anyway, for those who are not familiar with the Hakuoki series, it involves a protagonist, Chizuru Yukimura, who ventures to Kyoto in search of her father. She is attacked and saved by members of the Shinsengumi. She ends up in their custody and remains with them for the rest of the game. During this time, she tries to find her father and falls in love with a member. And then, they live happily ever after. I think that pretty much sums up the plot. I honestly haven’t gotten very far.

I’m not very far into the game but I figured that it could be good for me to write an impressions post as I play the game (which I’m doing right now).

It opens up quite nicely and the graphics don’t disappoint. They look like what has been pictured on the packaging. I feel like this hasn’t always been the case when it comes to 3D games so, it is worth a mention. I managed to take a few photos for you guys to check it out. I should note that the guys photographed aren’t necessarily my favourite, they were just the ones I managed to take. ^__^;;

Story-wise, I feel like the writing resembles a teenager writing a piece of fanfiction. It feels like more descriptive than a video game really needs to be. While I understand it is a visual novel, I feel like as a video game, the words should be propelling you forward. Maybe it’s because I’m still in the early stages and the writers feel a need to describe everything to really set the scene. Having said that, I would have appreciated being slowly introduced to the various characters (or eligible bachelors) instead of being shoved into the deep end with a bunch of guys. While there was a cutscene flashing each character and their name, those few seconds they were on screen really wasn’t enough for me. I hope that I remember their names and faces before it becomes crucial. :/

I just made it to the first couple of points where you make choices and I’m not particularly sure if the road forks or not since this is my first playthrough but I’m assuming there will be some differences. So far so good, I haven’t seen any character’s displeasure. Although, I don’t think you can do that so early in the game.

While it felt like a while before I got to the fun part of the game (making those choices), now that I have, I feel a bit more involved in the game and feel more interested in what’s happening and that’s always a good thing.

I’m going to keep playing the game and hopefully, I’ve more opinions of the game soon! πŸ™‚


mobile games #1

Hi everyone.

As I promised in the last entry, I’d bring you a post about playing games on my cellphone. I split my time in the year between two countries. As such, I am fortunate to have two phone lines and two phones. I currently use an iPhone 4S and an Oppo Find 5. They operate on two different systems (iOS and Android, respectively) and I feel like I get the best of both worlds in terms of apps and games.

I generally play on my cellphone when I’m waiting or trying to sleep. It’s not very effective to get you to sleep from what I’ve read but, it does make me feel sleepier. So, maybe it really depends on the individual. :3 Anyway, for me, playing on my cellphone is a lot less intense than when I play on a console. I feel that when I play on a console I am setting aside the next while to sit down and play a video game. However, with cellphone games, it’s easy to take out and play as a quick refresher between studying or to pass time while waiting for the bus or train.

I like a wide range of games from management games to puzzle games, from word games to simulation games. What I play really depends on my mood at that point in time. For now, I’ll focus mainly on the management games. I find that these kinds of games can pretty much continue on forever. There will always be some update so that there is new content for you try out and get excited about.

Games by Nimblebitt have been pretty good, in my opinion. I played Tiny Tower pretty obsessively for a while and I think my tower is 128 floors high now. I think it really captures you in the beginning partly because the waiting hours are shorter and you don’t need as much to advance. I also loved the missions and I get so excited when I get new floors and products. However, I find that for floors later on, it becomes a bit more tedious. Furthermore, I think the waiting times get a bit ridiculous. To build a new floor, I now have to wait over two days.

Welcome to Tower Yen! ^____________^

Another game by them that I really loved and obsessed over was Pocket Planes. I played that so much I had to make sure I had an external charger with me or my phone would be out of battery by midday. The waiting times weren’t as bad so it was easy to constantly be playing the game. Furthermore, it wasn’t very hard to expand your fleet so you could almost always be flying somewhere. Overall, I do find this game fairly easy to pick up and put down despite what I said about playing it obsessively.

Thank you for flying with Air Yen~

One of their more recent releases would be Pocket Trains. A friend of mine showed it to me on his iPad and I promptly downloaded it for my phone. It was somewhat fun at first but I think it didn’t quite capture my attention like Tiny Tower did. I also feel that it’s a lot more complex than the previous games and so it was harder to get into. Even so, I played it for a couple of days before deciding that it wasn’t really my thing. That said, I do occasionally open it up and play on it for a bit just that I don’t feel obligated to look into it at all.

All Onboard!

One of my favourite game developers would definitely be Kairosoft. I’ve played most of their games and they’re so awesome. The first couple of games maybe slightly challenging but the mechanics are fairly similar game to game. I think that the games are really creative and addictive. I’ve played a whole bunch of games they have developed and I think my favourites were Venture Town, Pocket Academy, Mega Mall Story, Dream House Days and Sushi Spinnery. That’s almost half the games they’ve released, I think. Hehe.


I named the games above in particular because those were games that I actually went back to play after I’d finished the game just because I really liked the entire ideas behind them. The concept of the game being in a mall, school, sushi restaurant really appealed to me. Venture Town and Dream House Days brought me back to games like The Sims where you control the entire town but are also concerned about the well-being of the population. I would definitely recommend these games if you’ve enjoyed games like The Sims and the like.The first couple of games I played from them were Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story. While they were addictive and they definitely got me into the entire line of games, I didn’t quite enjoy them as much as I did the ones I named. I have a soft spot for Game Dev Story and still play it again once in a while partly because I feel like I haven’t quite figured the game out. However, I’ve never actually played Hot Springs Story again. Maybe I eventually will but right now, I don’t have any intentions to. I think that part of these feelings stem from how I didn’t feel particularly interested in the plots and also because I wasn’t quite used to the gameplay yet.

At the end of the day, I really love the Kairosoft games and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who loves simulation games and management games. But, I would also advise anyone who gets frustrated to persevere because I think they are well worth it in the end.

There are a couple other management games and simulation games I really like and have yet to mention but I will save them for another post. The majority I have named in this entry are by two developers whose games I would almost certainly try just because of my pleasant past experiences. For anyone who is looking for a couple of new games to try on your cellphones, these are definitely worth it. Nimblebitt’s games are generally free with in-store purchases. Kairosoft games are not free but they do have Lite versions if you wish to try them before you buy them. They have also released two free games (Beastie Bay and Dream House Days) if you wish to get a feel of the games they produce.

I hope you enjoy these games as much as I do!

Until next time,