harvest moon + pokemon + cookie clicker.

Hi everyone!

My version of Harvest Moon is on its way and I’m so excited. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the series from when I first played Harvest Moon : Back To Nature on the Playstation. My brother had it and I absolutely loved it. I moved on to having it on my Gameboy and Gameboy Color and so on. When I finally got a DS, I played it on there. But, got really bored of the DS Cute. I stopped playing Harvest Moon for a long time thereafter and recently got back in with The Tale of Two Towns which I really liked. I started reading about A New Beginning and read about how it was poised to be the best Harvest Moon installment yet and I just had to try it. So, I set out to order my copy. However, as my copy is still on its way. I’m still gearing up for it by reading guides and just getting excited about playing my copy of it.

AND, Pokemon is going to be out soon too! 12 MORE DAYSI’ve my game pre-ordered and will be playing Version Y. After watching the Nintendo Direct update about the game, I feel so psyched to play the game and cannot wait to finally play it. I’m keen to see how having two starters will play out and some of the dual-types work out, as well. It sounds like there will be some interesting dynamics at play and I’m keen to see how all that works out!

In the meantime, I’ve been keeping my video game time occupied with Pokemon Black 2, mainly. I’ve occasionally picked up The Tale of Two Towns but, I feel like keeping myself Harvest Moon-fresh for A New Beginning since it’s due to arrive soon.

When I am in the mood for a casual game, I’ve found myself on a game called Cookie Clicker. I’m not sure if I’m late to the party or if it is a recent development. I started the game 3 days ago and I think it’s great. I leave it on in the background and can get back to it at any time. I don’t feel like I’m being penalised if I don’t get back to it once my lives are all replenished (ie candy crush). There seems to be some strategies on how to maximise cookie production in the game but, I think that just leaving it running is enough. Every once in a while, I go back to it and start buying up random upgrades and buildings. That is probably the part of the game and the part of most games I’m enamoured with. I’m a horder by nature and this passes on to my in-game persona. My current goal is to complete all the achievements and thereafter, I will stop playing. While I don’t think this will happen because it supposedly updates frequently, I will strive to achieve this, as I do for most games.

All in all, Cookie Clicker is a great game for those times when you just need something mindless to take your mind off other things in life. But, I think it can and possibly will get monotonous as with most games of this nature.

My Buildings – Including my cosmic, transmuted, worker and miner grandmas.

Statistics for the game

Until next time!



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