vacation gaming.

Hi all!

I’m sorry for the lack of updates. I was having university exams as I mentioned earlier. Thereafter, I went overseas and had someone visit me for about month. I am still overseas but, will attempt to write this entry about the games that I have been playing during this time. I wasn’t very consistent during this time and as I played most of my games on the go, I lack photos and screenshots. I apologise yet again for that. What I lack in photos, I hope to make up in content. I did play games spanning different genres on different consoles. I wasn’t really thinking of them critically and just trying to enjoy them before my vacation ends and I’ve no longer got time to play video games. D:

The games I played were mainly on the 3DS and DSi. But, I did play some games on my cellphone. I play a ton of games on there usually and am guilty for being one of those crazy Candy Crush people. I am not one of those constantly waiting for updates because I am really bad and can get stuck on one level for months but, I do play the game and try to get past the waiting times. I was also lucky to have been with my brother when he bought the PS3 game Dragon’s Crown and tried it for a bit. I maybe able to get my hands on a PSVita and try it on there but I’ll save my comments until that happens.

For the 3DS, I focused on the couple of games I own and play obsessively – Pokemon and Harvest Moon.

I tried playing Samurai Warriors again. However, the last time I played it was ages ago so I couldn’t quite remember what it was about and did not have the patience to sit through the entire tutorial again. Maybe the tutorial wouldn’t have been very long but the cut scenes between each chapter take ages. And, I really mean ages. I was tapping on any button, willing the scenes to go faster but to no avail. I remember a friend looking at it the first time I got my 3DS and he admired the art for the first 15 seconds before asking me when you’d actually get to play the game. It is a pretty simple game to play, in my opinion. It is mostly hack-and-slash from what I remember but, I believe there is some strategy to it because I couldn’t seem to finish this one level. Then again, it might also be because I don’t remember how to play the game or how to accomplish my goal. I’ll defintiely try this again sometime when I feel more willing to watch cut-scenes but until then, I’ll leave it at that.

I also went back to Dead or Alive Dimensions for a bit. And by a bit, I mean another two attempts at completing the final Survival level. The difficulty for that is True Fighter and it is so hard I feel like breaking my 3DS sometimes because I feel so close to finishing and yet so far. For the record, I have to KO 100 characters consecutively and every 10th character is a Boss level. I think my closest is 89. When I first got the game, I played the Story Mode through really quickly. I think it took me about a day and a half of playing the game between doing other stuff like studying. After that, it was all about completing everything. So, I started playing the Arcade mode which I finished. Then, I started on the Survival mode and this last level is keeping me from the Mission mode. I am one of those types of persons who is anal-retentive about the order in which I do things. Hence, I feel like I can’t continue on until I finish this one crazy level. Otherwise, it is a pretty good game. I know Dead or Alive isn’t quite the stereotypical girls’ game. In fact, I’ve been reminded several times about the Jiggle Physics behind this game by guy friends. But, I do love fighting games and I’m really particular about graphics. I know that sounds really superficial but I feel that if I’m going to be spending obscene amounts of time playing a game, it better appeal to my eyes. Not that I like that kinda stuff but I think the graphics are quite nice.

I was playing Harvest Moon pretty obsessively for a while and I’m currently on 30 Winter of Year 1. Right then, I went back to playing Pokemon Y but I’ll talk about that later. Harvest Moon is a great game to play and I’m constantly looking forward to doing something or achieving something. I think the fact that this game has set goals makes it easier to play because you always feel like you are aiming for something and with every milestone, I’m left excited to see what happens at the next one. It’s been really great so far but, I realise that with this game, you really need a lot of balance and to be really efficient. I was so eager to be a farming tycoon that I overestimated my stamina. I have so many animals and I had so many crops. I had to constantly have food on me so that I wouldn’t faint. I lost a bit of enjoyment in that but once I harvested some crops, I downsized my fields and am managing a little bit better now. Also, to anyone out there who is at the beginning of the game, I highly recommend that you spend your free time fishing because I’m trying to fish in the little windows of time I can and it’s not very successful. It’s espcially hard for me to move forward at this point in time when I’ve achieve barely anything fishing-wise. I don’t want to spoil too much but, I will say it is somewhat important for some things later on in the game. I feel like my progress will be slowed by my lazy arse at the beginning. Oh, well.

In exciting news, I finally finished Pokemon. Yes, finally. I know that this is REALLY late since I started the day of the release but, I was pretty much grinding before I really needed to because I was obsessive about catching Pokemon. Yes, I realise a common theme in this entry is my obsessive nature because I work in a weird way but, I really felt like I needed to catch all the Pokemon in one area before moving on. I knew what I was like after finishing Pokemon Yellow and how bad I was about trying to complete my Pokedex so I figured that if I had a headstart on it, I’d be a whole lot better when trying to complete it post-game. But, I grew tired of that and just headed straight onto the Pokemon League and finished the game. I am still playing the game and basically trying to accumulate Style Points and Battle Points and evolve as many Pokemon as I can. It’s great that I have managed to keep my interest in the game and I will definitely continue playing for the next while. When I will stop, I have no clue.

While contemplating the idea of getting a PSVita, I looked into some games while I was out at the shops and two games that piqued my interest (besides Dragon’s Crown) were Sorcery Saga and Atelier Rorona. My friend told me that Atelier Rorona was all part of a series and I realised that I had Atelier Annie stored away for my DSi so I decided to dig it up and try it out. I pretty much dedicated every bit of free time I had to that game for a couple of games and I really did enjoy it. There were obviously bits of it that I didn’t enjoy as much but, I think it’s still a good game. I felt the cut scenes and dialogues, much like Samurai Warriors, took up more time than I was willing to spend on it. They were enjoyable in the beginning but when a cut scene takes you to a different venue and back, I feel like it’s longer than it really needs to be. I enter each area with a purpose but after such a long cutscene, I either forget or I’m already tired. The only plus is that you can skip these scenes by pressing the Y button. I really refrained from that at the beginning but after a while, I found that sitting through the cutscenes were just too draining. I also found some things a bit unclear but, I think it’s just because I haven’t played a game like this in a while. I’ll definitely be replaying this game soon so a proper write-up is in order.

I returned to the Phoenix Wright series for a while as well. My friend was playing the new one on the 3DS and that made me feel like playing it too. But I had not completed the previous Phoenix Wright games so, I started on them again. I finished the first one and so I managed to get as far as the last case of the second one before losing interest and continuing the games I had on my 3DS. Not very far, I know but, I have time. I hope. It plays through like the first one and I think the addition of the Psyche Locks added to the game. But, I did get really frustrated that my “Life” was going down as quickly as it did because not only was it a part of the game in Court but when I had to deal with Psyche Locks. My friend told me that you were no longer penalised for presenting wrongly in the newest one so that would definitely be a plus.

I should also note that everything I’ve written above is based on my own opinions of each game. I do enjoy games with story and I do like visual novels. Honestly, otome games are one of my favourite genres and one of my all-time favourite games is Tokimeki Girl’s Side. I’m well-aware that these games do have a fair amount of cutscenes and can get fairly dialogue and art heavy. But, I guess I have my own limits. Or, there is just something different about the games I’ve talked about above. But, I will be re-playing most of these games so hopefully, I can elaborate on my annoyances and the bits I like better next time.

That’s pretty much all the games I’ve played or am playing on my 3DS/DSi. While I do spend a fair amount of time playing games on my cellphone, I reckon that could do with a post of its own. I should be doing that next unless something else comes along and steals my attention away. So, no promises. But, I hope to blog again soon.

Until then, take care!



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