psvita + dragon’s crown + atelier totori!

Hi all!

It’s been months since my last update. Four and a half, I think. Sorry again about the irregular updating schedule. When uni started up again, it was a bit of a whirlwind. While the semester was a bit more relaxed since I was only doing electives, it was pretty stressful since I had assessments throughout the semester. But, I’m done with uni now, possibly for the rest of my life, depending on how things go.

Throughout the semester, I didn’t have as much time for this blog as I’d have liked. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t manage to play any games. I just didn’t quite have the time to sit down and write out my thoughts. :/

I got a PSVita during this ‘hiatus’ and it has been a great console. My only small complaint is that it is quite a bit heavier than my other consoles and makes my wrists a bit tired because I play it for so long. But, I guess that is a good indicator of when I should take a break from playing games. ^__^;;

The PSVita is also great because it can take screen captures of games easily. All you need to do is hit the PS button and the Start button and the screen is saved to a folder called Screenshots in the gallery. I find this really useful for this blog, unlike the 3DS where I need a camera on hand to catch various scenes. Unfortunately, I was a bit absent-minded and forgot about this capability so I’m lacking in screen captures for Dragon’s Crown. :/ Sorry!

The first game I got on the PSVita (besides Little Big Planet) was Dragon’s Crown. I’d actually gotten this because as mentioned in a previous entry, I’d played a bit of it on the PlayStation 3 when my brother had purchased it. I did quite like it. Dragon’s Crown is an RPG where you can ally with up to three AIs or players to play. Unfortunately, the multiplayer function is only unlocked after you have invested a certain amount of time on the game and I’ve yet to do so.

Dragon’s Crown is a side-scrolling game where you explore areas in search of treasure or to complete a quest. The only games I know of that have similar styles would be a couple of MMORPGs – MapleStory and Rusty Hearts. I particularly enjoy this style of game because it is generally linear. While I do enjoy more complex games every now and then, it is refreshing to have a game that is not as intense.

Thanks to my brother, I had the opportunity to play the game on both the PSVita and the PlayStation 3. As such, I feel like I can share a bit more about the games and the differences in experience. Personally, I think Dragon’s Crown plays better on the PSVita than the PS3. This is mainly due to the touchscreen capabilities on the PSVita. This allows you to transition more seamlessly between fighting and unlocking treasure or doors. I also feel that because it’s a smaller screen, it seems like less is going on and hence, is less distracting. These are my personal opinions about the differences. Feel free to try both and see which you prefer. šŸ™‚

While Playstation Network was having a sale, I bought both Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru at a discount. I think it was almost half price, which was a pretty good deal to me. I’d previously posted about seeing the Atelier series and being keen to try it out. While I tried out Atelier Annie on the DS, I’d also read that it was pretty different from the usual games in the series. I was really eager to try these games out. So far, I’ve only gotten through Atelier Totori and I can tell you that I absolutely love these games.

The story follows Totooria Helmold who has recently learned to be an alchemist after saving her mentor, Rorona. She wants to become an adventurer alongside her childhood friend as she searches for her mother. It’s a pretty simple story and the cutscenes don’t feel quite as long as Atelier Annie. There is still a fair amount of freedom in the game as to what quests you wish to perform, where you want to go and what you want to do. Just remember that there is a main story plot for the game and the game doesn’t drag on endlessly. I’d definitely advise players to be mindful of the in-game time. I didn’t realise that the game would end so quickly and went about things as I pleased until it ended. I hadn’t achieved very much and was given the ‘bad ending’ trophy. D: It made me really sad but I haven’t given up! šŸ™‚ I’m currently in the midst of replaying the game and am a lot more wary about what I’m doing and trying to get on things a lot more quickly seeing as time is of the essence.

Another great thing about the Atelier games is the art. The art for Atelier Totori is absolutely gorgeous. All my friends look at the game and are tempted to try the game or buy a PSVita to play the game! It’s really beautiful! Below are some caps of some scenes during the game for an even better idea of how everything looks. I think one thing that startled me was how young her father looked. o_o

I highly recommend the Atelier games after playing Atelier Totori. I have yet to try Meruru but I’m sure I’ll love it too. I’ve also heard about an Atelier Rorona remake being released sometime in June so if you have the chance, please check it out and let me know how it goes. šŸ™‚

These are two of the games I’ve spent much time playing on my PSVita. I look forward to playing more on the PSVita. Although, news has broke that the latest Harvest Moon games(!), another Cooking Mama game and a remake of Pokemon Sapphire and Ruby are due on the 3DS. I’m so psyched for those games and cannot wait!

The only thing that upsets me is that I have an Australian 3DS and will not be in the country at those times. šŸ˜¦

Oh, well. I hope everyone else can play these games and I can read loads about it until I get my hands on the copies. šŸ™‚

Have fun!



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