mobile games #1

Hi everyone.

As I promised in the last entry, I’d bring you a post about playing games on my cellphone. I split my time in the year between two countries. As such, I am fortunate to have two phone lines and two phones. I currently use an iPhone 4S and an Oppo Find 5. They operate on two different systems (iOS and Android, respectively) and I feel like I get the best of both worlds in terms of apps and games.

I generally play on my cellphone when I’m waiting or trying to sleep. It’s not very effective to get you to sleep from what I’ve read but, it does make me feel sleepier. So, maybe it really depends on the individual. :3 Anyway, for me, playing on my cellphone is a lot less intense than when I play on a console. I feel that when I play on a console I am setting aside the next while to sit down and play a video game. However, with cellphone games, it’s easy to take out and play as a quick refresher between studying or to pass time while waiting for the bus or train.

I like a wide range of games from management games to puzzle games, from word games to simulation games. What I play really depends on my mood at that point in time. For now, I’ll focus mainly on the management games. I find that these kinds of games can pretty much continue on forever. There will always be some update so that there is new content for you try out and get excited about.

Games by Nimblebitt have been pretty good, in my opinion. I played Tiny Tower pretty obsessively for a while and I think my tower is 128 floors high now. I think it really captures you in the beginning partly because the waiting hours are shorter and you don’t need as much to advance. I also loved the missions and I get so excited when I get new floors and products. However, I find that for floors later on, it becomes a bit more tedious. Furthermore, I think the waiting times get a bit ridiculous. To build a new floor, I now have to wait over two days.

Welcome to Tower Yen! ^____________^

Another game by them that I really loved and obsessed over was Pocket Planes. I played that so much I had to make sure I had an external charger with me or my phone would be out of battery by midday. The waiting times weren’t as bad so it was easy to constantly be playing the game. Furthermore, it wasn’t very hard to expand your fleet so you could almost always be flying somewhere. Overall, I do find this game fairly easy to pick up and put down despite what I said about playing it obsessively.

Thank you for flying with Air Yen~

One of their more recent releases would be Pocket Trains. A friend of mine showed it to me on his iPad and I promptly downloaded it for my phone. It was somewhat fun at first but I think it didn’t quite capture my attention like Tiny Tower did. I also feel that it’s a lot more complex than the previous games and so it was harder to get into. Even so, I played it for a couple of days before deciding that it wasn’t really my thing. That said, I do occasionally open it up and play on it for a bit just that I don’t feel obligated to look into it at all.

All Onboard!

One of my favourite game developers would definitely be Kairosoft. I’ve played most of their games and they’re so awesome. The first couple of games maybe slightly challenging but the mechanics are fairly similar game to game. I think that the games are really creative and addictive. I’ve played a whole bunch of games they have developed and I think my favourites were Venture Town, Pocket Academy, Mega Mall Story, Dream House Days and Sushi Spinnery. That’s almost half the games they’ve released, I think. Hehe.


I named the games above in particular because those were games that I actually went back to play after I’d finished the game just because I really liked the entire ideas behind them. The concept of the game being in a mall, school, sushi restaurant really appealed to me. Venture Town and Dream House Days brought me back to games like The Sims where you control the entire town but are also concerned about the well-being of the population. I would definitely recommend these games if you’ve enjoyed games like The Sims and the like.The first couple of games I played from them were Game Dev Story and Hot Springs Story. While they were addictive and they definitely got me into the entire line of games, I didn’t quite enjoy them as much as I did the ones I named. I have a soft spot for Game Dev Story and still play it again once in a while partly because I feel like I haven’t quite figured the game out. However, I’ve never actually played Hot Springs Story again. Maybe I eventually will but right now, I don’t have any intentions to. I think that part of these feelings stem from how I didn’t feel particularly interested in the plots and also because I wasn’t quite used to the gameplay yet.

At the end of the day, I really love the Kairosoft games and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who loves simulation games and management games. But, I would also advise anyone who gets frustrated to persevere because I think they are well worth it in the end.

There are a couple other management games and simulation games I really like and have yet to mention but I will save them for another post. The majority I have named in this entry are by two developers whose games I would almost certainly try just because of my pleasant past experiences. For anyone who is looking for a couple of new games to try on your cellphones, these are definitely worth it. Nimblebitt’s games are generally free with in-store purchases. Kairosoft games are not free but they do have Lite versions if you wish to try them before you buy them. They have also released two free games (Beastie Bay and Dream House Days) if you wish to get a feel of the games they produce.

I hope you enjoy these games as much as I do!

Until next time,