game haul!

Hi everyone!

HAPPY 2015! I know this is really belated. In fact, this entry is really late and I’m sorry for that. But, for the new year, I hope that I can bring more to you about games!

Things got pretty hectic towards the end of 2014 between job-hunting and other things going on in my life. I neglected my games a bit and hence, I didn’t have much to type up for my blog. I also went for PRK to correct my eyesight. While PRK is a better option than LASIK since it does not cut your cornea, it does have a longer recovery period and I feel that I am still in the process of fully regaining my vision, mainly in my left eye.

Besides all that, I still managed to get some pretty good deals during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Cyber Week sales. It’s been a while since then but, I still haven’t been able to play through many/any of the games I bought, which makes me pretty sad. The sales went on right after my surgery and I’ve been pretty busy after I got better so I still haven’t been able to play as much as I want to. :/

Anyway, I’ll just share what I did buy and have touched during this time. 🙂

I was itching to play Heroes: Might & Magic 3 for a while and ended up having a huge rant about it to a friend. My friend then recommended that I look for it on and I found it on there. I bought it on the spot, paid full price ($9.99). I feel like that was worth paying. This game is great. It’s a turn-based strategy game and I actually really love it. You play as a hero in various scenarios or a campaign mode (which I’ven ever tried) and the objective is obviously to win by either eliminating your enemies, retrieving an artefact, etc. It’s really challenging but really fun. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten a lot about the game like the statistics for your battle units and the strategies. So, I am horrible at the game now. But, hopefully, once I get back into it fully, I’ll get better. 🙂

During the sale on, I picked up Caesar III. I used to play this when I was much younger as well and while I don’t remember too much about this game, I know it is a city-building game. I remember really liking the graphics and the idea of playing in ancient Rome but, as I have yet to replay the game, I, unfortunately, don’t have much else to add. Perhaps I’ll make about this again when I finally get into it.

A few months ago, I had this urge to play The Sims Medieval and while I was tempted to pick it up on Origin, I am glad my friends convinced me to wait. The original price for both the base game and expansion is $24.99 and I managed to get it both for half off (~AUD10). The moment I saw it, I thought it was a must buy. I played it birefly a few years ago but lost it sometime after between moving houses and countries and all that. I remember it being similar to the Sims but with quests or goals, if you could call them that. Each Sim had a respective title which would correspond to their quests. I have only play a bit of the first chapter which involves naming my country (Yenland) and creating my royal character. I hope to get more gametime for this soon. 🙂

I also scored Theme Hospital during the sale on Origin. While it seemed like a brilliant deal at the time ($2.99), I am pretty sad that they are now giving it away for free. I feel like I paid too much! Though, I have to say, it probably is worth it given that this is one of the few games I managed to play during my recovery. I have fond memories about cheating in-game and the announcement going out over the PA system saying “Hospital Administrator is cheating. A cheat is running the hospital!”. However, I no longer cheat and have yet to hear that during my recent game plays. I find that the first few levels are a pretty good warm up and ease you into the game pretty well but the chasm between a couple of levels get pretty large. I am now stuck and have yet to continue playing becuase of the amount of frustration is induced. :/

I also picked up a few deals on Steam. The first one I bought during the Cyber Monday/Cyber Week sale and the next few, I bought during recent sales like the Anime Weekend sale.

I bought Tropico 4: Collector’s Edition, mainly because it was 90% off and it seemed like too good of a deal to pass up. I have yet to play this but I have been told that it is rather witty and entertaining. I have finally gotten around to installing this on my laptop so hopefully, I will feel up to it sometime soon.

I am also guilty of not playing my other purchases but hopefully, I will get in some play time before I start work in February. I picked up an otome game Pyrite Heart which I read some good things about. I picked up Sid Meier’s Civilization V based on recommendations from friends and family and Sid Meier’s Covert Action (Classic) out of mere curiostiy.

For the Sid Meier’s Covert Action, it is a very old school game. The kind that doesn’t really come with tutorials and requires you to read a manual to really figure out what is going on. Unfortunately, Steam does not sell it with the manual, unlike and I am still trying to figure it out. I have yet to find a copy of the manual online and am hoping that if someone I know eventually buys it on, they will be kind enough to share it with me.

Anyway, that is all the games I bought recently. I will share more about some console games I have picked up recently in the next entry soon, I hope! 🙂

Until next time, enjoy!